Inside Look at Reversaline

Written By: HollyHoux

Healthy skin retains water and keeps moisture in. Hydrated skin has a luminous glow and a firm texture. 

Age, exposition to the sun, and invasive cosmetic products debilitate and dehydrate the skin. Once the skin is damaged there is a loss of water that causes the loss of firmness, smoothness, and general wellbeing of the skin. 

A regular moisturizer only forms a shield to prevent the loss of water, failing to repair the skin.

With this in mind, we created Reversaline: a complete skincare regime based in a scientifically designed 6-step program. A perfect routine for any type of skin. Reversaline prevents and reverses wrinkles and damage, maximizes skin's hydration, elasticity, and resilience. Reversaline is packed with anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, and hydrating elements.

The star ingredient of Reversaline is Hyaluronic Acid. A miraculous ingredient that delivers moisture, eliminates wrinkles and revitalizes and restores the skin from its outermost layer up to its innermost layer. 

Hyaluronic Acid generates a subcutaneous shield that bolsters the deeper skin layers. This, in turn, diminishes wrinkles and expression lines without drying the skin.

Used in a skincare routine, Hyaluronic Acid hydrates constantly by attracting and retaining water molecules. It reinvigorates the skin by stimulating the production of collagen, the protein in charge of regenerating tissue. 

Because of its optimal antioxidant qualities, Hyaluronic Acid leaves the skin refreshed, smooth to the touch and soft to the eye. 

Reversaline contains triple botox ingredients as well. Triple botox improves the skin elasticity and acts as a panacea against wrinkles, expression lines, and creases.

Also, Reversaline is made with an amino acid complex that acts as a barrier for skin protection. 

The complex consists of 17 amino acid compositions of the same proportions of the ones present in the skin layer. This guarantees the natural absorption of the products. 

Reversaline is a daily skincare routine that provides long term benefits in 6 easy steps:


Step 1 Purifying Pre-Cleanser

The first cleanser. Made to wipe out makeup residue, skin waste, and dead skin cells. The first step for an elastic skin and an initial moisturization. Designed for night use or when in need of a cleanse. It must be followed by a cleanse with Fusion Foaming Gel Cleanser.

Step 2 Fusion Foaming Gel Cleanser

Foam cleanser. Designed to cleanse keratin, unclog pores, and enrich the previous step. Unlike most cleansers, it also works as a moisturizer making the skin dewy after the cleanse. For morning and night use as needed. It must be followed by Time delay Toner.

Step 3 Time Delay Toner

Anti-aging toner that delivers and adheres moisture to the skin. This step maximizes the efficacy of routine. For morning and night use. It must be followed by Eye Zone treatment.

Step 4 Eye Zone Treatment

Emulsifiant for the eye area. Highly moisturizing. Quick and effective action. Crafted for the revitalization and protection of the sensitive eye area. For morning and night use. It must be followed by Skin Booster Serum.

Step 5 Skin Booster Serum

Ampoule serum of rich moisturizing properties. It benefits the skin elasticity and helps to form a barrier against damaging elements. For morning and night use. It must be followed by Daily Dose AM Cream if daytime or Daily Dose PM Replenisher if nighttime.

Step 6 Day Daily Dose AM Cream

Daytime cream of high adherence and rich nutrition. Energizes moisturizes and protects the skin. For morning use.

Step 6 Night Daily Dose PM Replenisher

Night cream and sleeping mask. Perfect for soothing and nourishing the tired skin. For night use.

Reversaline improves skin elasticity while strengthening and moisturizing the skin layers. Reversaline eliminates present wrinkles and expression lines and avoids future ones. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Triple Botox ingredients, and 17 Amino Acid Complexes. Guaranteed to maximize the skin's moisture, elasticity, and resilience.

Reversaline regime is a pleasant all-encompassing skincare experience. Resulting in a healthier, younger, dazzling skin, ready to face the hitches of daily life.

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Browse NowWe are commited to cruelty-free products and will never test on animals during the development of our products at any point, including raw ingredients and finished products.

Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is important. We believe in Cleaner Beauty and our products are formulated without a list of over 15 harmful ingredients such as:

  • mineral oils,
  • parabans,
  • phthalates,
  • sulfates,
  • carmine,
  • BHA(butylated hydroxyanisole),
  • BHT(Butyllated hydroxytoluene),
  • Quaternium-15,
  • DMDM hydantoin,
  • Hydroquinone,
  • Aminophenol,
  • Diaminobenzene,
  • Phenylenediamine,
  • Triclosan or Triclocarban,
  • Petroleum/Petrolatum (paraffin),
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea,
  • Diazolidinyl urea,
  • Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate or bromopol.
We are continuously working to strive to increase that number.